Spelling Zappers Top Tips

1. Everyone Onboard!

When introducing Spelling Zappers, get everyone on board: teachers, teaching assistants & parents.

2. Accentuate the Positive

Spelling Zappers are about boosting confidence, giving strategies and having fun!

3. Involve home

Photocopy the children's Zappers so they can have a copy for home, rather than allowing the original to go.

4. Choose your approach

Spelling Zappers are flexible; some schools use them all the time but others just in short bursts.

5. The Super Spelling Market

Older children such as Y6 can teach the Spelling Zapper strategies to younger children, such as Y3.

5 & a bit! Keep strategies to the fore

Schools who have seen the most progress using Spelling Zappers are those who have made a 'big deal' out of Spelling Strategies, maintaining the momentum even when Spelling Zappers were in their 'resting' period.

Full instructions on the use of Spelling Zappers are included in the Resource Pack download.   Download Resource Pack


Reviews & Comments

"Spelling Zappers, linked to homework, are helping improve spelling of frequently used words and as a result pupils are becoming more adept and confident in correct spelling."

OFSTED, Primary School, Sheffield
Spelling Zapper Spelling Market


"Iíve used Spelling Zappers for the past two years... the results are amazing!"

Y3 Teacher

"Spelling Zappers are a game changer!"

Primary Teacher

"Zapping for a few minutes every day is a much more manageable way of practising and retaining spellings than last minute learning the night before..."

Y6 Teacher, York

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